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If you've been to my blog lately -- which you probably have been since you're reading this post, you may have noticed a "Honestly Mothering" tab. It's my newest project and I'd like officially share it with all of you as everything is coming together.

The past couple of months, I have been running an Instagram account called @honestlymothering and it's been such a humbling experience. I started this account as a way to reach the mothering community in the virtual realm because as one day as I was sipping my morning coffee, I realized I don't have many mom friends. I thought if I was feeling this way, maybe other moms might be too.

I set out to create a space where I could meet moms from: all stages of motherhood and all over the world. When I started brainstorming on what I could do, I knew one thing -- I wanted to make this a personal space. To achieve that goal, I set out to feature moms daily and take it a step further by allowing them to introduce themselves instead of just picking their photo and posting it. 

I've also set up a chat loop that we do every Friday; it's where 6 to 8 moms ask questions and other moms can go through the loop and answer. As I've gone through the loops, answered questions and had my own questions answered, I've stumbled upon some parenting gold -- some of the greatest perspectives, mom tips and advice I've ever heard. 

I wanted to compile all the information into one place... which brings me to my newest project -- I'd to present The Honestly Mothering Blog.


This blog is meant to aid the community aspect of Instagram (and Twitter because we're on there too). I've been thinking of it as a "parenting cheat sheet" because I am taking the questions from the chat loop on Instagram and posting the answers in a blog post -- that way you have all the initial advice in one place rather than having to stifle through a plethora of on-going conversations.

Another element to the blog is featured writers. I wanted to make this blog about community, so I thought having guest writers on the blog was the right way to go about it. From personal experience, I've found that it's hard to find and project your voice in a world that already seems so established -- especially in the blogging realm. The featured writer part of the blog is an effort to support bloggers by showcasing their work as well as pointing readers to their personal blog.

When I first started this community, I didn't think it was going to get the attention it has gotten. I was looking for a few mom friends, but it has become such a great community where moms can meet and bond over their little ones! In only two short months, the community on Instagram has grown to 300+ moms interacting with each other and that makes my heart leap! I've received so much support and encouragement from the moms I've met on Honestly Mothering community on Instagram on this project. They've all been so kind and such a blessing to me. I really am so excited to see where this all goes and to connect with more wonderful women and mothers!


Want to connect and be a part of the Honestly Mothering community?

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This blog will remain my personal blog as Honestly Mothering Blog is a team effort. I am fully committed and plan on keeping my posting schedule which is to post every week -- Tuesday and Wednesday. As Felix grows, I may have to tone it down to one post a week because he's already proving to be a joyous handful. I want to take this moment to thank the people who come and read my thoughts, views on perspectives on a regular basis. I really appreciate you and am so glad you're here. Thank you.

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  1. I love the idea, concept and what I've gained so far with honestly mothering. So happy and proud of you. Thank you for choosing to do it. ☺

    1. I'm so glad!
      Thank you so much dear! I really appreciate the kind words and all the support!