Life Update + Exciting News

(the mug is from H&M -- just in case you were curious)

OKAY... before I even start, I just want to say -- I know, I know.. I am totally slacking in the consistency department.

Felix is now standing and walking along furniture which means he's pulling everything and anything he can get his tiny little fingers around. My house has become a hazardous zone. I am just trying to keep him alive at this point and my other passions (like this sweet blog) have taken the back seat.

Soooo... you may be thinking that Felix naps and therefore I should have some time on my hands, which is true... the little man does sleep. I am using that time to *drum roll, please* work on my very own small shop!

Yes, you read that right, I have finally become a MOMPRENUER. Last week, I decided to take the plunge and open up an etsy shop where I sell digital prints. I did this because of two reason's which I am about to share with you.

REASON ONE. While I never really saw myself as an "artist," I have always loved creating digital art. I love the elements and tools technology brings about when I set out to create the PERFECT piece of art. Because as a person who loves detail, that "perfect piece" is what I'm all about. I love creating prints for my home and take joy in working with others to create pieces of art that they envision. I really love doing this and if I can do this full time, it'd be a dream -- which brings me to my second reason.

REASON TWO. As you all know, I am a stay at home wife + mom, so this shop gives me the opportunity to work from home and help support my sweet little family. This shop also gives me the opportunity to engage in conversations with humans that have a broader vocabulary than my 10 month old son, which in turn helps my sanity.

Sooooo, that's that. I've started up a shop and I'd love to share it with you!

SHOP: www.etsy.com/shop/bundledbebe

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/bundledbebe

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/bundledbebe

TWITTER: www.twitter.com/bundledbebe

EMAIL: bundledbebe@gmail.com

I'll be linking my shop's pace at the top of the blog and on the side too, so if you're ever in need of a digital print custom made, stop on by and please don't hesitate to contact me -- I'd love to create something for you. I've done logos, cards, posters and much more! I also have prints that you can download instantly upon purchase. I hope you'll take a peek and consider me for any digital art purchases you may ever need. I really appreciate the support!




Monkeying Around -- For A Good Cause!

If you're anything like me, you don't always look for products that support a cause, but even so, you do feel a sense of excitement when you find something that you love and then realize they also stand behind a case. It's nice to know that you're channeling your money into someplace that enjoys giving back.

That's what Cheempo is all about -- he's probably the cutest plush monkey you ever did see and the fact that he gives back to his fellow chimpanzees makes him that much more lovable.

Cheempo was created by Nima World (a company that constitutes a paradigm shift in the way of displaying animals through amazing audiovisual technologies.) Their main mission is "to convey great values such as empathy, respect for animals and the protection of biodiversity to children," and that is why Nima World has come up with Nima Kids

Nima Kids produces animation series, videogames and merchandise (soft toys, tshirts, infant bodysuits, etc.) of cartoon characters representing endangered species animals. Cheempo the monkey is the first character created in this series of products. Cheempo the toy is based on a real chimpanzee of the same name who lives in the forests of Senegal, Africa. Every Cheempo product sold helps to protect chimpanzees and 50% of the profits are donated to the Spanish sector of the Jane Goodall Institute. 

How awesome is that?!

When we opened up the package from Nima Kids and Felix saw his Cheempo toys for the very first time, he let out a shriek of delight and instantly started grabbing for them. They're the first plush toys he's actually fond of and doesn't loose interest in quickly which makes me one happy mama! I'm always grabbing Cheempo when we go out and are in the car because he is smitten with his little monkey.

If Cheempo's cuteness isn't enough, then the interactive app that comes with it will definitely top the cake for you! As a mom, I always love when a product comes with an educational feature because who doesn't love tools to help broaden and expand your child's perspective and world view?! The tags that come attached to Cheempo are used by the app to give him a virtual habitat and you can feed him bananas. While Felix is to small to play himself, he loves watching me play and I'm sure that this tool will come in handy down the road.


                         More Information 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cheempo/


If you'd like to purchase your very own Cheempo, go to the Nima Kids Shop and then use the code :: martalarissa for a discount at check out. 


For More Information About Nima World, Please Visit The Following:


Spotlight :: Arin

It's that time again ladies -- the little segment where I introduce some of my favorite bloggers + social media mom / queens! These mama's are exceptional women with the most adorable littles. This month's mama is one of my personal favorites -- Arin.

I met Arin through Instagram, and she's as real as it gets. A super beautiful person -- both inside and out. She's extremely fun and honest, has great interior design skills, and has the three of the cutest children on Instagram -- but let's be honest, there is no surprise there, they clearly take after their mama. Arin is also a blogger where she blogs about motherhood, DIY projects, interior design tips and her lifestyle.


Getting Personal

Favorite Drink: iced coffee

Parenting style: probably a bit of authoritative. I'm a bit of a helicopter mom and willing to admit it, but definitely push my kids to succeed already at this age.

Most used emoji: ­čśé

What was your life like before motherhood? My husband and I were still newlyweds when we found out we were expecting our first. We were living in a condo on the water in Destin, FL enjoying our first year out of college and our first year of marriage. I worked as a nanny --so my day to day sometimes feels the same haha!!

How has motherhood changed you? I never cried over anything other than "sad" stuff before having kids. Now I cry at the happy, sad, silly, EVERYTHING!! I would say I'm more patient, stronger and less self absorbed...I don't worry about me near as much and my world was all about Arin pre kids!!

As your little(s) grows up, what are some things you want to instill / teach them? I think the number one thing I already say as a mama is "show kindness." I want my kids to be kind, accepting, and loving. I wand them to know they their other successes don't matter if they lack those key traits. I want them to have a strong foundation in faith with Jesus Christ, and understand that above all else that is most important. I hope to teach them to work hard at everything they do, and always strive to do well, while lifting others along that path.

And I want them as children to respect adults and understand they are not in charge, and life might not seem fair but they need to show respect.

I also want them to know that NO MATTER WHAT their dad and I will have unwavering love for them, and our anger will never mean we don't love them. That we will get mad and we will say no because we love them!


Sneak Peak At Her Feed


How cute are they? Seriously, TOO CUTE.
You can follow Arin's motherhood journey through: 

Instagram :: @ARINSOLANGE