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Day 17 of #BLOGMAS :: Gift Guide [ Expecting Mom & Newborn ]

Today's post is about gifting expecting moms and their sweet little ones. I feel like pregnant moms have so much to do before baby arrives that it's nice to go ahead and ease the burden a bit by gifting them something that they might find useful once baby arrives.

  1. Dock-A-Tot :: a great little mattress for the little one. I've heard nothing but great things about this product from moms of newborns. I love that it has a cushion around the side -- moms can rest assured that their baby isn't going anywhere. They have a toddler version too! 
  2. Lily Jade Diaper Bag :: this diaper bag is a God send when you have a baby because it's so spacious. It's also super stylish which is an added bonus. Being a mom doesn't have to mean that you don't have style, right? 
  3. The Ollie Swaddle :: a swaddle that has velcro -- aka, genius. I wish that I had this with my first baby. It sounds like such a good and productive idea!
  4. Aden + Anais Swaddle Set :: these are normal swaddles, but they are so soft and luxurious. They also happen to have the most stunning patterns and prints on them.  
  5. Gift Cards :: are always a good idea. It's always nice to give gift cards from sweet little small shops because you're supporting a new mamma and another's small business. I chose to feature Binxy Baby because they sell baby hammocks. It's a space saver when you have a lot of groceries to buy and a sweet little one to take with you. 
  6. AHAVA Bath Salts / Soak :: because every expecting mom should take a warm relaxing bath when her whole body aches as she awaits for that precious bundle of joy to arrive. 
  7. ToteSavvy :: this is great for a mom that has a super spacious bag already and doesn't want to transfer to a diaper bag just yet. I love that you can just tuck it in your bag and has so many compartments, so you can stay organized. 
  8. Body Pillow :: such a practical gift because everyone knows an expecting mom's main dilemma in the third trimester is her lack of comfort when it comes to sleep. This gift will definitely ease that burden a bit. 
  9. Amareta Stretch Mark Prevention Belly Oil :: stretch marks are almost inevitable during pregnancy and this belly oil also helps with that pregnancy induced itchy skin. 
  10. Magic Baby Bullet :: this is a great gift for that mom who is all about making homemade baby food for her little one. This magic baby bullet comes with a few accessories that is sure to make the process of making baby food so much easier.
  11. Burt's Bees Bath Set :: washcloths, towels and soap is an awesome set to gift because it has all the essentials in one place!
  12. Jelly Cat Plush Bunny :: Jelly Cat toys are some of the softest and cutest stuffed animals on the market. The prefect gift for a sweet and cuddly newborn. 
  13. Mustela Newborn Arrival Kit :: I love this kit because it gives you the full size products for such an affordable price! Mustela soaps, lotions and cleansing products are organic products and they smell heavenly.
  14. Baby Health and Grooming Kit :: kits like this are great because they hold items that you don't think of getting until you really need them. It's nice to give mom something she'll use in times where things can get chaotic.
  15. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump :: the perfect gift for the working mom, the on the go mom and the mom who needs a pump because she produces more milk than baby is currently eating. 
  16. Cashmere Robe :: this gift is kind of pricey I admit, but what mom wouldn't feel like a million dollars in this robe -- especially after she just birthed a precious little one and needs all the pampering she can get. 
  17. Sophie the Girafe Teether :: I haven't met one baby that hasn't loved Sophie the Girafe. It's the cutest teething toy and the perfect gift for a sweet little one.
  18. Baby Bottle Drying Rack :: bottles need to be washed and what better way than drying them than this cute grass mat?
  19. Pacifier Clips :: such a practical gift. Pacifier clips made of silicon are perfect because not only do they keep the pacifier from getting lost, they also become the perfect teething toy later on.
& that's a wrap! 19 gift ideas for mom and that cute little newborn she's snuggling in her arms. 
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Day 16 of #BLOGMAS :: Winter Fashion Essentials

Today we're taking about winter fashion essentials -- which happens to be my entire closet. I don't know what it is about winter clothes that makes me want more and more of them. I'm practically a winter clothes hoarder. It's both a blessing and a curse. BUUUUUT, anyway... here are a few MUST have items that your closet should contain when the chilly winter season comes along!

  1. Dressy Peacoat 
  2. Flannel / Plaid Scarf
  3. Riding Boots
  4. Heavy Knit Pullover Sweater 
  5. Beanie 
  6. Christmas Leggings 
  7. Dressy Ankle Boots
  8. Pom Pom Beanie 
  9. Lace Up Ankle Boots
  10. Mittens
  11. Long Cardigan
  12. Chunky Knit Scarf
I have all these items in multiple colors, knits, and styles because they're just so trendy. If you live in a place that has a chilly spring, then all these items cross over with you into the new seasons. What are your winter fashion essentials?  
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Day 15 of #BLOGMAS :: Gift Guide For The Make Up Lover

Eeep! It's day 15 of #blogmas, which means only T E N more days until Christmas! We've made it thus far -- I honestly almost gave up with writing more posts because my baby hasn't been feeling very well, but he's feeling better today, so here I am, writing another post while he naps.

Today's topic is a Make Up Lover's Gift Guide! Here are some gift ideas for that beauty guru in your life. As always, I've linked each product down below, so if anything catches your eye, go ahead and check it out!

  1. Sephora Color Wonderland Eye Palette 
  2. Tarte Park Avenue Princess Chisel Palette
  3. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Vault 
  4. Benefit They're Real Lengthening and Volumizing  Mascara
  5. Still Eye for Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Set
  6. NARS Laguna Tiare Bronzer 
  7. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured
  8. Morphe Brushes Gilded Set :: 901
  9. The Perfect Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick Set
  10. Fresh Sugar Lip Prep 'n' Paint Set
  11. ColorPop & Kathleen Lights Dream Street Eyeshadow Palette 
So there you have it. I must admit, I loved today's post because I bought some of these gifts for myself this Christmas because they're such amazing products. Of the ones I've already tried, I love them -- great quality! What make up goodies have you splurged on this winter season?  
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Day 14 of #BLOGMAS :: The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

Today we're going to be talking about hot chocolate! In my opinion, the best cup of hot chocolate is one that is super creamy, smooth and made by yours truly. If I'm going to be completely honest, I only have hot chocolate once or twice a year and I stray away from buying it. I feel like the ones that you get at Christmas markets are watered down. I'd rather buy an iced coffee in super chilly weather than have a cup of hot watery goop -- yes, I know, I'm picky.

Hot Chocolate is fairly easy to make and it doesn't take a lot of ingredients which is something I love about this recipe. All you need is..

  • cocoa powder
  • milk
  • sugar -- depending on what kind of cocoa you're using

The secret to the perfect cup of hot chocolate is ditching the recipes that tell you to heat up water as the first step. I never ever ever use water, I always opt for milk instead. 

To make a cup, heat up 2/3 of a cup a milk -- either on the stove or in the microwave. You want that 2/3 of a cup to be hot because the hotter your base, the faster and better your cocoa will dissolve. If placing in the microwave, I heat it up for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Next pour in your cocoa and mix. I really love the Swiss Miss packets because each packet equates to one cup. But you can also use Hershey's cocoa powder, or Starbuck's cocoa powder -- whichever you love best works!

If you're using powders that come in a can and is unsweetened, then mix 3 tablespoons of cocoa to one cup of milk and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar to that mix. Remember, the sugar is only if your powder is unsweetened!

Mix until you can't see the powder anymore at the surface. If your cocoa isn't hot enough you'll see powder clumps at the top. If that's the case, heat it up some more and mix again until no more clumps are floating up to the top.

Once that's done, add more milk to cool it down a bit and then wa-la! All done. There is your simple, delicious, cup of hot chocolate.

TIP :: if you're making a batch for your family or a larger gathering, heat and mix everything while on the stove. It's much easier and faster. That way you can serve everyone at the same time! 

If you love a bit of flavor and some extra festive flare, add some toppings to your  cup of cocoa! Here are some fun and festive topping ideas:
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate syrup
  • mini marshmallows
  • chocolate shavings
  • cinnamon 
  • candy cane shreds
  • sprinkles
  • coffee ice cream -- any type of ice cream will do, coffee ice cream is just my favorite! 
  • powdered sugar
  • chocolate chips -- mint, white, or milk
  • coconut shavings
  • caramel sauce
The topping possibilities are endless as long as you're creative! 

Well, there you have it my dears -- my simple take on the art of hot chocolate. How do you make yours? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks! 
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Day 13 of #BLOGMAS :: Free Christmas Prints (+ Giveaway)

We've made it half way though #blogmas and I couldn't be any more excited for today's post. To celebrate the fact that we've got only twelve more days until it's finally CHRIIIIIISTMAS, I've decided to give you all some free prints from my small shop -- Bundled Bebe. I was going to sell these prints, but in honor of the spirit of giving, I thought, why not give them to my readers for free -- as a way to say, thank you for following along. Just right click the print, save it to your desktop & boom, they're yours!

I hope you love the prints because I had a lot of fun making them. Eeep! I have one more surprise for you friends and I can't hold it back any longer! Because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and because I've been waiting to do this for a while now, but never found the right time -- I've also decided that it's time for...

I'm so excited that this is finally happening because I've been collecting products for this giveaway for quite awhile now and I've finally decided that it's good enough to share -- all the products in this giveaway retail over $300! I really hope you guys like it. If it gets good feedback and a decent amount of entries, I'll be hosting more giveaways, more often!

  • Comet Wire Heart Jewelry Holder 
  • Bath Bomb Trinity Set 
  • FARMACY Brightening Sheet Mask
  • Real Her III Eye Shadow Palette 
  • KNC Beauty Lip Mask 
  • Mine Design Co Copper Candle 
  • Herbal Essence Arabica Coffee Fruit Shampoo + Conditioner 
  • Karuna Sheet Mask 
  • Eyebrow Gal Trio
  • Real Her Lip Liner -- in the shade I Am Unique 
  • Tarte Lip Paint --  in the shade Delish
  • Marakesh Argan Hair Oil 
  • Real Her Matte Liquid Lipstick -- in the shade I Am Fearless
  • JonteBlu Lip Liner Pencil -- in the shade Brown Sugar
  • 8 Other Reasons Choker 

TO ENTER -- Fill out the form at the end of this blog post
FOR EXTRA ENTRIES -- all these extra steps amount to 5 entries EACH
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  • Like my Facebook Page 
  • retweet my tweet on twitter (the one that mentions this giveaway.. it should be pinned at the top of my timeline)
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Please Note that by entering this giveaway, you are also agreeing to subscribe to my blog's newsletter.

DISCLAIMER :: this Giveaway is for United States Residents ONLY.

GIVEAWAY ENDS -- December 20th 11:59 PM PST

*NOTE :: Winner has 24 hours to reply to my initial email or I will choose another winner will be chosen.

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Day 12 of #BLOGMAS :: Gift Guide for Siblings [ Cool Gadgets / Toys ]

I have a total of 6 siblings total and most of them are in the preteen - teenager stage. If you have family members of that age, you may know the struggle that comes with buying them a gift. I feel like the older they become, the more picky and particular they become -- especially when it comes to presents. Here are a few gadgets and toys that may appease this choosy age group.

  1. Complex LEGO Set :: Big Ben 
  2. Bean Bag :: Cat Faux Fur Chair 
  3. Gel Pens :: Tanmit 240 Gel Pen Set
  4. iPhone / iPod Case :: Pink Sprinkled Donut Case
  5. Instant Camera :: Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8
  6. Nerf Gun :: NERF Doomlands The Judge Gun
  7. Desk Lamp :: 3D R2-D2 Lamp
  8. Knit Hat / Beanie :: C.C. Thick Cable Knit Pom Beanie
  9. FoosBall Table :: Sport Squad FX Table 
  10. Fun Make Up Brushes :: UPLOTER 7 Piece Make Up Brush Set 
  11. Waffle Maker :: Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker 
  12. Headphones :: iClever Kids Cat Headphones
  13. Drone :: Spider Stunt Drone 
There you have it -- 13 gift ideas to get for the people that we can't live without, even when they're a pain in our sides. What are you getting your tween and teen siblings this year? 

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